About Us


VCS strives to be the best community-based family-centric social service agency and supports the community and its members to live fulfilling lives. VCS focuses on developing good corporate governance and professional capability to serve the community. VCS developed our strategic map in 2017 and has since achieved many milestones and good progress. In July 2017, VCS Transformation was initiated to further enhance our capability to serve the community with innovative and impactful services.

To progress along the strategy map, VCS follows the key strategic action plan as follow:

VCS Transformation started in July 2021 with a refreshed organisation structure and the set up of the Transformation Office. The Transformation Office would focus on People, Processes and Technology (Digitalisation and Cybersecurity) to transform VCS over the next three years.

Supported by the Transformation Office, VCS aims to deliver better services to meet the needs of the community towards VCS’ vision and mission in our journey ahead through:

  1. Person-centered approach to empower and enable individuals and families to enhance their quality of life and increase self-reliance and resilience
  2. Programme management framework to enhance quality and delivery of services
  3. Impact evaluation to increase confidence and accountability in our efforts to promoting fulfilling lives
  4. Technology-assisted services for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness