About Us

VCS developed our strategic map in 2017. It has guided us and transformed our services. We continue to refresh our strategy to be the most relevant and forward-looking community-based family-centric social service agency, supporting the community and its members to live fulfilling lives. In addition, VCS focuses on upholding good corporate governance and professional capability to serve the community.

Office of Transformation
In July 2021, VCS set up the Office of Transformation and introduced a new organisation structure to bring VCS to the next level. The Office of Transformation focussing on human resources and systems & processes is largely to support our people, to sharpen their skillsets, to build up leadership and retain the right talent to achieve a VCS that is “Resilient and Sustainable and Liveable for All”, enabling people to flourish and improving their quality of life.

Leveraging on Technology
As part of the digitalisation efforts, VCS is tapping on the National Council of Social Service’s Project Back-To-Basics (B2B) to develop Speech to Text to IntelliBot. The IntelliBot aims to support caseworkers in their case assessment, intervention planning and execution, goals monitoring, and deepen the supervision processes with their supervisors through artificial intelligence. This project is currently ongoing. In 2022, we have also identified two other applications.

Integrated Social & Community Services Model
VCS has developed an integrated social and community services model to articulate VCS’s approach to delivering impactful and meaningful services.