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Human Resource and Volunteer Management

VCS has established our Human Resource Policies that aim to attract, retain, and motivate staff who have suitable qualifications, experience and performance. VCS has established the Performance Management Framework, including and Individual Development Plan to regularly supervise and appraise staff, and to support their professional development. In setting the remuneration of staff, any performance-related element should be linked to fulfilling measurable and clearly defined targets in line with VCS’ objectives. Staff are not involved in setting their own remuneration.

It is VCS’ policy not to have paid staff on the Board. No management committee member is remunerated.

Board Members and staff and volunteers are expected to comply with the established Codes of Conduct that stipulate the values and expected behaviours.

VCS has established Volunteer Management Policies. Volunteers involved in the day-to-day operations of VCS shall comply with the Human Resource Policy for Staff. VCS Volunteer Management Policies guide the recruitment and selection of potential volunteers, programme matching based on volunteers’ interest and capabilities and VCS’ needs, and volunteer management. Potential volunteers would be interviewed and assessed for their suitability. VCS would provide the necessary information, training and resources for our volunteers to carry out the assigned tasks and duties effectively. Any feedback, complaints or grievance would be managed in accordance with VCS’ Feedback and Grievance procedures.