Viriya Mental Wellness Hub (MWH) is an integrated mental wellness programme newly developed by VCS. MWH hopes to promote community mental wellness for individuals and families to live fulfilling lives together and to support those who are already facing mental health challenges.

MWH brings professional mental health services to the community, increasing accessibility and availability of services to individuals facing mental health challenges. Through a mental wellness approach and integrated social services ranging from universal care to indicated care, MWH hopes to enhance mental health literacy to reduce stigma and promote early help seeking. MWH also aims to use community work to build a connected community with the capability and resilience to provide mutual support and develop collective psychological resilience.

At Viriya Mental Wellness Hub (MWH), we are dedicated to our vision of a caring community of individuals and families achieving good mental wellness and living a fulfilled lives in the community.

Our mission is to promote mental wellness by providing integrated professional mental health services to individuals, families, in the community. We seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote community mental wellness and psychological resilience
  • To support individuals and families with mental health challenges
  • To improve quality of community mental health care through capability and competency building

To find out more, please contact us at 62934339 or via email