Our Services

Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre

Since 2001, Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre (WHFSC) has been serving more than 30,000 households in Boon Lay, Nanyang and Pioneer Constituencies.

WHFSC focuses on providing holistic family-centric support to the residents comprising mainly of young families. WHFSC has established strong working relationships with its stakeholders to enhance the community capacity in supporting individuals and families through a systemic approach.

  • Integrated Social Work Practice
  • Financial Assistance
  • Specialist Services

WHFSC adopts the Code of Social Work Practice in delivering a suite of social programmes and services to meet the needs of the community. Through integrated professional practice comprising of casework, group work and community work, our team of professional practitioners attend to the varying needs of individuals and families.


As the focal point of social services in the community, our professional social work practitioners attend to enquiries about social services from residents in our community. Through an intake assessment, we link the residents up who requires support and services. WHFSC also provides casework and counselling to bring forth customised assessment and develop a collaborative intervention plan to support individuals and families through the challenges that they face.


WHFSC also adopts group work to help individuals and families in a group setting. Through group work, WHFSC hopes to tap on the strengths of individuals and families with similar challenges, needs and concerns, and encourage mutual support and learning while the group co-creates solutions together. Through the skillful facilitation of our professional practitioners, WHFSC mobilizes resources and builds a supportive community in addressing the issues faced by our clients.

Currently, WHFSC runs the following group work:

  • Mental wellness support group
  • Grief support group
  • T.A.P. youth support group
  • Bright Owl Project (Children mentoring programme)

Community WORK

WHFSC actively outreach to the community to bring our services to individuals and families who needs more support and to enhance the community cohesiveness and to build a strong mutual support network. Our community work framework are as follow:

Some of our community work efforts include:

  • Art for All Ages
  • Project Open Heart
  • Festive Outreach
  • Networking and case conferences with stakeholders.


Viriya GAP Fund is set up by Viriya Community Services to help fill service gaps in meeting the needs of individual and families under our care. The fund focus on meeting the basic needs of our clients and also to seek support for educational needs and key development opportunities for those from disadvantaged background to maximize their potential.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident
  2. Gross per capita monthly household income of $650 and below
  3. Receiving casework or counselling support from Viriya Community Services at the point of application


Varying as decided by the management of WHFSC based on the financial assessment.


WHFSC administers the FSC Comcare Fund (FCF) which acts as a community touch-point for individuals and families who requires urgent financial assistance for temporary relief during difficult financial situations. As we provide temporary financial relief to help individuals and families meet their basic needs, our professional social work practitioners also work with them through casework and counselling to enhance their financial capabilities and work towards financial independence.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.
  2. Receiving casework or counselling support from a FSC at the point of application.


The amount and form of assistance varies based on the circumstances of the individuals and families and as assessed and recommended by the social work practitioner.


WHFSC administers the funds from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF). The fund provides pocket money to children and youths from low-income families to help them through school. The financial help also alleviate the stress faced by the parents in coping with the schooling needs of the children and youths while struggling to make ends meet.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singapore citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Studying full-time in the following institutions:
    • a mainstream school (Primary/Secondary)
    • a specialized / special education school
    • a specialized independent school
    • a religious school such as a madrasah
    • a mainstream school (Junior College/Centralized Institut /ITE/ Polytechnic/Specialized independent school)
  3. Living in a HDB four-room flat or a smaller unit.
  4. From a family whose gross per capita monthly household of $625 and less.
  5. For post-secondary students, the applicant must be 20 years of age or younger at point of application.


  • Primary student: S60 per month
  • Secondary student: S$95 per month
  • Post-secondary student: S$120 per month


WHFSC can link families and individuals up to Viriya Specialist Services for catered specialist services to those who requires them.