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VCS Community Building Programmes bring people with similar interests, needs, and aspirations together. The programmes connect individuals together into a community, and provide a safe and comfortable platform for members to share and achieve collective learning and growth. The communities can tap on members’ unique strengths, and through joint effort and mutual support, enhance their collective capability to address their concerns, improve their quality of life and achieve their purpose and dreams.

  • Viriya Dialect Programme
  • Project New Leaf


Previously known as “Learn My Dialect”, the programme started in 2016, aiming to bridge the communication gap between elderly and the young to facilitate intergeneration bonding and active ageing. Bilingual elderly who are well-versed in English and dialects, are engaged to provide basic dialect training to schools, institutions, social service provider or the general public. Through the programme, we hope to promote socio-emotional wellness and mental wellness in ageing by providing an opportunity for the elderly trainers to be re-integrated into society, and re-energised with a purpose, especially after retirement. At the same time, the programme also aims to promote inclusiveness and social cohesion by equipping the younger generation with the communication skills in dialects for more meaningful interactions and better appreciation of our cultural heritage.

To find out more, please contact us at contact@viriya.org.sg.

Project New Leaf (PNL) helps youths aged 21 and below who face challenges in pursuing positive developmental opportunities due to presence of conspicuous stigmatising tattoos and their past behaviours, reintegrate back into mainstream education or meaningful engagement such as work.

The project includes casework and counselling, community integration and professional tattoo removal by a medical practitioner.

Project New Leaf had ceased with effect from 31 March 2023.