About Us

VCS is governed by a volunteer Board known as the “Management Committee”. The Management Committee comprises individuals with varied skills, in particular, individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of individuals in the community.

The Management Committee provides leadership to VCS by setting VCS’ strategic direction to guide and direct its activities, including setting values and standards (including ethical standards) for VCS. It ensures that necessary financial and human resources are in place for VCS to meet its objectives. It also establishes a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risks to be assessed and managed, and reviews management and operational performance to ensure that obligations to stakeholders are understood and met.

The Executive Director reports to the President and the Management Committee. Supported by the team of management personnel, the Executive Director leads our team of more than 100 staff to deliver VCS’ social services and implements  policies and directions set out by the Management Committee. Ms. Evelyn Lai has been the Executive Director of VCS since 01 April 2009. She has been serving in the social service sector for about 18 years.

A Transformation Office was set up to focus on enhancing VCS’ capability to continue to provide impactful services to the community as VCS grows. The Transformation Office would focus on alignment of our strategies, people, culture, and systems and processes. Two Strategic Directors lead the Transformation Office and report to the President.

Ms. Irene Low, Strategic Director (Human Resources and Culture) was appointed on 03 August 2021. Ms. Low has more than 30 years of experience as a HR professional in various Multinational Corporations.

Ms Lai Chin Yee, Strategic Director (Systems and Processes) was appointed on 01 October 2021 and has more than 30 years of experience in the finance and accounting industry.