Our Services

Our Services


Community Mental Health and Health
Family Services
Community Development
Professional Practice and Development
Online Support Programmes

VCS continues to serve our clients and community and provide the necessary support through our online programmes and services.
Our professional team will be delivering a series of online forums and support groups to provide the needed psycho-emotional support to help families and individuals cope with various current challenges and maintain good social relationships and mental wellness.


Financial Assistance Programme

VCS provides a variety of financial assistance to support disadvantage individuals and families to meet their basic needs.

Viriya Specialist Services

VCS specialist services support individuals seeking assistance to overcome their life challenges. At VCS, our specialists work together as a  multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic support to our clients. Through our programmes, we hope to enhance availability and accessibility of specialist services to the community.

Specialist services include:

  • Viriya Grief Support Programme
  • Viriya Psychological Services
  • Viriya Therapy Centre
  • Employee Assistance Programme
Mental Wellness

Mental health is an important integral to living a healthy and balanced life.
It encompasses our overall wellbeing, how we handle stress, relate to others and make decisions.

At VCS, we seek to provide a full spectrum of integrated mental wellness support services to help individuals and families cope with life’s stresses and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives while building a caring and thriving community.