Our Services

Our Services


Children & Youth

In fulfilling our vision of building a society filled with compassion and concern for one another, VCS is committed to the holistic growth and development of our children and youth who will form our future and be our future leaders.

VCS believes that every child should be given adequate support and opportunities to build a strong foundation for their lifelong development. Hence, VCS is committed to supporting children from disadvantaged background with the resources to meet their basic needs for a sense of security while providing them access to developmental opportunities and support to maximize their potential. VCS focuses on education and we believe that it is a good way to support our children and youth in creating a better future.

For our children, we have also established the Viriya Children’s Education Fund to support the educational pursuits of our children and youths. VCS also has various children’s programme such as Bright Owl Project in our centres to provide guidance and real support to ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

For our youths, VCS focuses on positive youth development to guide our youths in developing good personal characters and a sense of belonging and ownership of their communities. VCS focuses on youths who require the greatest support, providing opportunities to disadvantaged youths to work towards their dreams and also giving second chances to youths to re-integrate into meaningful pursuits and make good their lives.



At VCS, we adopt a systemic social work approach towards supporting our seniors to age in place and with dignity. We work with the seniors to maximize their personal capabilities for independent living in the community while linking them up to required services to ensure that their needs continue to be met and they would continue to lead meaningful lives with dignity.

Through individualized professional case work and counselling and regular community based activities, we hope that we can help our seniors overcome their personal challenges while being connected to the community and enjoy a good quality of life as they age together with their peers joyfully and meaningfully.

With the ageing population in Singapore, VCS is committed to providing more relevant programmes and services to ensure that our seniors continue to be joyful and able to age successfully in the community. Moving forward, VCS will be developing specialized programmes that aims to support the mental health and psycho-emotional well-being of our seniors.



VCS believes strongly in family as an institution. As we seek to bring joy and enhance the quality of life of our members, we recognized the importance that families play in the lives of individuals and in a community development.

In our work, we seek to tap on the strengths of individuals which harness on the importance of the families and community resources. VCS adopts a family-centric approach in providing a suite of integrated social work practice to support and strengthen families.

VCS runs two family service centres (FSCs):

  1. Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre (WHFSC) which was started in 2001 and it was VCS’ first social service centre.
  2. Viriya Family Service Centre (VFSC) which started its operations in 2013.

Our FSCs serve as the focal point of social services in the community; providing information and referral services for families and individuals in need. Through integrated professional practice of casework, group work and community work, our FSCs have served more than 1,000 families through casework annually and reach out to many other members of the community.




VCS provides a range of community-based social services to support individuals with chronic medical conditions and those who requires long term medical attention to continue to lead meaningful and quality life with their families in the community.

Specialist Services

VCS provides various specialist services through different programmes and support groups to our community.