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Medical Social Services

Emphasizing holistic care and integrating social and health, VCS works closely with healthcare institutions and other community based social service agencies as collaborators in developing an integrated care plan for individuals who suffer from chronic medical conditions and require long term medical treatment, and for their families to be able to provide the necessary support and care for the individuals while having their own care needs being met adequately.

More than just financial assistance, VCS is well aware of the need to provide other social, mental and emotional forms of support to these individuals and their families. Our community-based medical social services aims to tap on the strengths of our beneficiaries to continue to support their personal functioning and development towards their aspirations while strengthening the relationships between their families and the community through meaningful engagements and developing a sense of belonging and ownership.

  • Viriya MediAssist Fund
  • Viriya Children's Medical Programme
  • Viriya Elderly Medical Programme
  • Viriya-KK Children's Hospital Homecare Programme
  • LHCST-NKF Dialysis Centre

Viriya MediAssist Fund is a joint collaboration between VFSC and Potong Pasir Citizen’s Consultative Committee (CCC). Viriya MediAssist Fund was officially launched by VFSC’s patron, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, Adviser to Potong Pasir Constituency on 1 August 2015.

The fund aims to better meet the care needs of Potong Pasir residents who require support to meet their basic and medical needs. The fund helps residents who require medical treatment to defray the costs of their medical follow-ups, medical equipment and consumables, treatments and other support services such as home help service and home rectification. VFSC’s social work practitioners provide casework and counselling to the individuals and work with the family on topics such as  caregivers’ stress, family conflicts and referral to other support services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Potong Pasir Consituency.
  • Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.
  • Gross per capita monthly household income of $650 and below.
  • Requires medical treatment or attention.


Varying as decided by the management of VFSC based on the financial assessment.


In June 2010, VCS launched the Viriya Children’s Medical Programme (VCMP) to help children who needs long term medical care from the SingHealth hospitals. Subsequently, VCS expanded the programme to benefit children receiving medical attention from all medical institutions.

VCMP extends help and support beyond the child who requires long term medical support. VCMP works closely with the family to support the parents and caregivers in overcoming challenges to care and meet the needs of the family and also provide support to the siblings of the direct beneficiary to ensure that their care and developmental needs are not compromised due to more attention needed by the child with medical condition.

Programme Component

  • Financial assistance to help with the increased cost due to medical needs.
  • Casework to identify and meet varying needs of child and family.
  • Caregiver support activities e.g. support group, self-care programmes.
  • Family bonding activities to improve family relationships and resilience.
  • Social and recreational activities to build mutual support network.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident (PR). If he/she is a PR, at least one immediate family member must be a Singapore Citizen.
  • Age 16 years old and below (at the point of application).
  • Certified by a registered medical doctor as requiring long-term medical attention (i.e. of at least 6 months).
  • Gross monthly family per capita income of $650 or less.


Successful applicants are provided with S$100 worth of assistance per month and can be further supported by other VCS’ programmes and services.

The Viriya Elderly Medical Programme (VEMP) was launched on 13 July 2013 to help seniors with various medical conditions and who have low social and financial support.

VEMP helps our seniors cover their daily expenses. VEMP also helps the elderly cope with medical expenses including transport, TCM treatment and other consumables.

Our social work practitioners will work with eldercare agencies and hospitals to provide community care for the elderly. Case management services will also be provided to link the beneficiaries to the required community resources.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident (PR).
  • Age 65 years old and above (at the point of application).
  • Has to be suffering from at least one chronic illness such as diabetes, kidney failure, mobility issues or mental health issues and is currently undergoing treatment.
  • Certified by a registered medical doctor as requiring long-term medical attention (i.e. of at least 6 months).
  • Gross monthly family per capita income of $650 or less.
  • No to low family or social support.


Successful applicants are provided with S$100 worth of assistance per month and can be further supported by other VCS’ programmes and services.



Viriya-KK Children’s Hospital HomeCare Programme was started in 2004. KK Children’s Hospital administers the funds provided by VCS. The programme provides financial support to purchase and maintain medical equipment to allow the children to receive required medical support at home, instead of having to be hospitalised.

VCMP hopes to enhance the quality of life of the children and their families and reduce caregivers’ stress through making homecare possible and reducing logistic challenges. Through improving their quality of life, we bring smiles to the faces of these children and their families.

By integrating medical expertise and care from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the community, financial and emotional support from VCS, the Viriya-KK Children’s Hospital HomeCare Programme leverages on the strengths of both parties.

Applications and selections of the beneficiaries are managed by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

VCS provides funding to support the kidney patients of LHCST – NKF Diaylsis Centre. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is in charge of the daily operations of the centre.

Beyond funding the treatment of the patients, VCS has also worked closely with NKF to bring joy and enhance the quality of life of the patients by actively being involved with the patients in our various events and programmes.