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Dreams started as a youth development centre known as ‘Dreams @ Kolam Ayer’ in 2004.
Subsequently, Dreams evolved into a service-based programme that is being delivered at our different centres to reach out to more youths providing programmes and services through preventive, developmental and remedial intervention.

DREAMS is a collection of children and youth programmes that compromises of the following:

  • Bright Owl Project
  • Project New Leaf
  • Teens Action Project

Bright Owl Project (BOP) is a weekly academic support programme at Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre for Primary 4 to Primary 6 students who need additional support to meet academic demands from low income families.

The programme also aims to promote positive character development through social and emotional needs and academic achievement to help the children overcome disadvantages and build a strong foundation for better life outcomes.

*During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sessions are conducted online via zoom.

To find out more or join the programme, please contact us HERE.

Project New Leaf

Project New Leaf (PNL) provides youths with a second chance to turn over a new leaf and pursue their dreams.

PNL helps youth with conspicuous stigmatising tattoos move past their past mistakes and pursue pro-social development opportunities towards positive youth development. The project supports the youth’s desire to change according to an individualised care plan through case work; focusing on enhancing family and social relationships, reintegration into mainstream education or work, and to enhance the youth’s capabilities to manage life challenges through better decision making and greater sense of responsibilities.

The project has the following components:

  1. Individual casework with youth, including his or her family to address challenges faced by the youth;
  2. Community work engagements to enhance the youth’s social emotional competency and sense of responsibility towards and belonging to the society; and
  3. Professional tattoo removal to remove conspicuous stigmatizing tattoos that pose barriers to the youths’ desire to turn over a new leaf.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Age below 21 years old at time of enrolment into PNL;
  2. Demonstrate sincere desire and commitment to change;
  3. Able to obtain consent from at least one parent or legal guardian; and
  4. To qualify for the professional tattoo removal service, youth must commit to the full process of removal of the identified tattoos and must agree not to get any new tattoo(s) at any part of the body while in the project.

To find out more or join the programme, please contact us HERE.


Teens Action Project

Teens Action Project (TAP) is a mentoring programme tailored for youths, aged 13 to 18, to interact with their peers through fun and engaging workshops and activities under guidance from their mentors.

TAP also provides opportunities for youths to learn life skills.  During the weekly sessions, mentors guide our youths in their academic work and guide the youths in group interactions to promote good personal management and positive peer relationships between the youths.
We hope to instill them an awareness of their ability to make meaningful contributions to their families, schools, peer groups and the community.

TAP hopes that through the programmes, our youths can:

  1. Recognise their positive traits and strengths to overcome challenges and achieve personal development;
  2. Form positive relationships and develop pro-social habits and thinking; and
  3. Make meaningful connections and contributions to the community.

Details of the weekly mentoring sessions will be conducted at Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre on every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

*During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sessions are conducted online via zoom.

If you are interested to find out more or join us, please contact us HERE.