Viriya-KK Children's Hospital HomeCare Programme provides help in the following areas: 


Financial Assistance 

We help families ease their financial burden through purchase of medical equipment and consumables. 

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 Befriender Programme 

Volunteers are recruited and trained to conduct visits to children at the KK Children's Hospital and at the child's home. The objective of the Befriender Programme is to provide emotional support to the family and bring joy to the children.

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HomeCare Van Transport

We offer transport services at a subsidised rate of $10/trip for children in the programme to ferry them to their medical checkups at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Raffles Institution raised funds for HomeCare Van Transport

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Bi-Annual Gathering

We organize bi-annual get-together sessions for the children and their families. These are opportunities for the parents/caregivers to relax, enjoy, interact and provide mutual support for one another.

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