"A good quality home care programme should include strong emotional support for the children and their families. In addition to offering financial assistance to children under the programme, Viriya Community Services’ trained volunteers will provide emotional support to these children and their families. The volunteers will also provide relief for the caregivers by giving them breaks from these emotionally straining situations." - Venerable Sek Meow Ee, founder of Viriya Community Services


By partnering medical expertise and care from KK Women's and Children's Hospital with the community, financial and emotional support from Viriya Community Services, the Viriya-KK Children's Hospital HomeCare Programme leverages on the strengths of both parties. 

The objective of this programme is to ensure chronically ill children have a speedy recovery in the warm and familiar environment of their home. Through improving their quality of life, we bring smiles to the faces of these children and their families. 

Over the years, technology has made it increasingly feasible for chronically ill children and parents dependent on medical equipment to return to the comforts of their home, fueling the growth of pediatric home healthcare. 

The medical conditions of these children render them reliant on medical equipment and devices such as tracheotomies, oxygen devices, home ventilation, artificial enteral feeding and long-term central lines. Home care enables these childen to recuperate in the warm environment of their own homes and also relieves the family's financial burden of hospitalisation fees from long hospital stays. 

However, not every family can afford to purchase the required home equipment and consumables. Additionally a good quality home care programme would include emotional support for the children and their families. 

Viriya Community Services steps in to help ease the families' financial burden and provide the crucial emotional support through our Befriender Programme. 


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