In view of the rapid adoption and usage of social media in our daily lives, Viriya Family Service Centre (VFSC) conducted a workshop on Social Media on 14 March 2015. The main objectives of the workshop were to educate participants on the potential benefits and risks of social media and share ways to embrace social media safely.


During the workshop, participants learned some important tips on safe usage of social media as well as methods to ensure they do not become social media addicts.


Some tips to embrace social media safely:

§ Core Values
Ensure that core values and beliefs such as respect and integrity are also used in the virtual world.

§ Ask
Be curious and seek to understand social media through safe and reliable sources.

§ Knowledge

Seek to find out more about the benefits and risks of social media. Share the knowledge with others.

§ Empathy
Remind ourselves to identify with or understand the feelings of others instead of being self-centred on social media platforms.


How to prevent yourself from getting addicted to social media?

§ Set clear limit on the time spent on social media

§ Be engaged in outdoor activities

§ Make the effort to engage in face-to-face conversations

§ Pick up a hobby

§ Watch out for signs of addiction

§ Seek professional help if required